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Gateway times out and crashes

As I was looking into getting a new vehicle for myself, (which I did find a car and luckily I took a screenshot before the app stopped working) the will no longer work even after deleting and re-downloading it and restarting my phone. Very frustrating.

Outstanding app

I love this app. Ive purchased my last 3 cars using this app - mine and one for each of my two daughters. It is easy and intuitive, the filters work great. And of course, the best part are the recommendations to tell you if the price shown is a great deal, good deal, fair deal or not.

Filters dont work

I have never been compelled to write a review before but this app simply doesnt work. Every filter I try to apply routes me back to the first screen and clears out out the model I am searching (make and zip still appear). The filters are what make this site effective. Use the website instead.

Horrible App

If there was negative star rating that would be fair, cuz this app doesnt deserve even one star rating!!! Dont waste your time!!!

5 stars must have

By far one of the most useful apps ever invented. I stumbled across this randomly. 6/5 stars. If youre looking to buy a car, this app is a MUST. The way it shows if a price is too high is absolutely amazing. Great job guys


Crashed twice, and wouldnt accept my post code.


Doesnt work and most of the cars look like scams (no seller info given)


Access Location? Sure. Didnt pick up the Canadian postal code. Lack of expanded detail. Dealer contacted didnt respond. Avoid.

Lame app

Using the word guru for a garbage app like this is disrespectful and douchey.

everything seems to be a great deal ?

seems biased to making dealers look good

100% Reliable

Dont know why this app has let ratings but simply put this app has exactly what you need.


This is truly one of the worst apps I have used in a long time. There are many bugs here, especially in the filtering and sorting menus. It looks like they used an old iOS 4 toolkit to style this app. I hear their site is pretty good. They need to invest in some pro iOS development.

Amateur job

Lame app. No full screen for pictures and full of bugs

Worst app ever!

There is no use of installing this app. It works exactly the same way as the webpage of carsguru if you open it in your phone browser. So whats the point of installing this app? You cant watch pics in full screen. Uninstalled within minutes of installing it. Waste of time.

So close

Well I had high hopes for this app. There is a great feature that shows the best deals first. The app does not allow you to filter your results. It reruns you to the main search page. Too bad. This could have been a fantastic app.



Frustratingly buggy

Searches keep resulting in the splash screen. iPad rev wont respond to user entry.

Needs Work

Every time I change a setting in my search it brings me back to the home screen of the app. So frustrated with this app. Fix it.

What happened !!

App used to work amazing but all of a sudden it has gone to crap! The car selection menu is glitchy and doesnt let you choose years! Miss the old app.

Constant crash

Nothing works, click filter and change price... crash. What about changing the mileage... Nope crashes too. Garbage app. Ill stick to the website.

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